Thursday, July 18, 2013

No Bones....

Simply put, the the wind has been brutal and the sun too intense for my Irish complexion, so the bonefish are safe this week.  So we have been left to swim, lounge around, eat and sip beer.  Beer at $70 a case!   I'm not sure if it tastes so good because we're in the Caribbean, or because it has to at that cost to enjoy it.  It helps that a bottle of scotch is about the same cost as the beer.

Hopefully things will cool off at home soon and we can get back to trout fishing.  It's nice here, but I would rather be knee deep in a trout stream any day!

Yep, I really mean that, too!

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Mr. Q said...

I believe all the trout streams at home are at the boiling point, or just hitting simmer...I go watch them because a watched pot never boils!! I am such a conservationist!!