Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Day....A Brief Report

First, we still have no power as of now.  We are in our third week of dark time and hoping for the best.........tonight perhaps?  I'd ask the shadow, but there none with out some kind of light.
I did fish yesterday, for about three hours into the darkness I am so getting used to spending time in.  The weather was beautiful for November; low 60's, clear and calm.  The river was at a good level but slightly off color, kind of milky really, not that after rain fall turbidity but more like man-made, perhaps from storm related work.  Not a problem though, just being on the water in a T-shirt was enough for me.
I did okay, after going hitless in the first half of the outing.  I wound up hooking 4 fish and landing none, at least technically speaking - 2 LDR's, and 2 fish I got to the net, but when they saw the thing they panicked, turned and bolted, and I slept.  Some might count these, but I don't.   Shit happens.  All 4 fish fought very well, some leaping several times clear of the water.  Very cool stuff.  Two fish took a Pumpkinhead midge, 1 took a brown Serendipity, and the other a gray Caribou caddis.  Getting one to take a top water fly is always fun, particularly when you set the hook and it rips line off your reel as it heads for the Atlantic Ocean. 
On another note for you non-fly tyers, Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon has Pumpkinhead Midges.  Lenny there showed them to me, and although they are a more streamlined version of my fly, they should work as well.  They lack the wing bud, and the tail is woodduck fibers.  Nice ties.
Lastly, we are in the home stretch and looking forward to the International Fly Tying Symposium this coming weekend.  If you are in the area, please come to the show and stop by my table and say hi.  I'll be doing seminars both days as well.  For more info, click on the link to the right.
Sharpen your hooks!


Hacklebarney jimmy said...

Hey Matt,
Over here in Millington, we got our power back just last night. It felt great to shave without the use of a headlamp this morning.
Just be thankful you aren't commuting into NYC. Last week I averaged 2.5 hours each way all week. That drains the soul.
Hers to your power coming back ASAP.

Matt Grobert said...

We got it back last night, finally! Yes, I am glad I don't have that commute even on a good day. Best, Matt