Friday, November 23, 2012

Parachute Adams - Size 22 With a Twist

I'm a little behind posting tying videos, so here's one from Tim Flagler, who ties a small parachute Adams.   This is a great pattern for the small Blue-winged Olives that hatch on most of our rivers, and it's a good searching pattern when prospecting, or when midges are present.  Tie some up and fish them.

I'm going to hit the stream in a little bit; we have to take advantage of the warm, sun filled day today, because the weatherman says that come tomorrow, winter will rear its cold head.

Sharpen you hooks.


Anonymous said...

Whip that thing off on the post!!!

Tightline said...

I normally do whip finish on the post but with parachutes this small, even 3 or 4 extra turns around the post don't look right. They leave too large a space between the hackle and the body.