Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Trout Shall Inherit the Earth - Steelhead spawning in the Elwha

The gray ghosts of the Elwha are back: wild steelhead, already spotted beyond the free-flowing stretch of river that used to be Elwha Dam, for the first time in a century.

stlhd tag_2 small.jpg

Read all about it here: Steelhead spawning in the Elwha | Field Notes | The Seattle Times

Nature is awesome and inspiring, we just need to give back what we take, and she does the rest.

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Anonymous said...

Now if we could just get those dams in Clinton and High bridge removed! No really that is awesome, this is the largest dam removal in history, what a victory for the fish and the people who have been fighting for this since the 70's!!!!