Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Couple of Trico Patterns

The Trico hatches this year have been good, and although there are only a few places you can safely fish them in New Jersey, there are quite a few creeks in PA that are cool enough to fish this hatch.  I won't spot burn, but if you do some homework, there is some very good early AM trout fishing in the region to fish rising to these diminutive flies. 

Here are a couple of patterns I've posted here before that seem to always take fish.  Add to these the simple Trico pattern in the video I posted a few days ago, and you should be all set for this hatch.  Tie them small, sizes #20-26, and be prepared to go smaller if you are getting refusals.  This is one of those hatches that having the right size imitation on the end of your tippet can make the difference between catching and just fishing. 

This simple pattern is Al's Trico.  A reverse tie pattern that works exceptionally well. (Click on photos to enlarge)

This one is your standard zelon wing Trico.  You can substitute whatever material you prefer for the wing - poly, antron, snowshoe rabbit foot, etc. 

And if all else fails, or when the hatch wanes, tie on an ant.  Trout love ants!  And this one sort of looks like a Trico from below 

Get up early, and see for yourself.          


Anonymous said...

Nice flies; what size is the ant tied on?
I saw a pattern on another sire that represented a sunken spinner (same as regular pattern but with a black wire body), the tier claimed that sunken spinners worked for a while after the main hatch is over, have you encountered this?

Matt Grobert said...

Anon - The ant is a 20 I think. Sunken spinners are a good option, even during the hatch, particularly when the surface is covered with naturals.

Anonymous said...

Al's trico a real killer.

Nicely tied.

Mr. Q said...

Hey...J.D. Wagner...I know you are watching....I fished D.B.'s Quad you built as well...what an awesome rod!!!!!

Matt Grobert said...

George - Thanks, saw you nailed them on your blog - WildFly365
Mr. Q - Leave Mr. Wagner alone and give me back (Davey's) my rod.....stick to being my agent and we'll get along just fine. Didn't I tell you it was going to rain? :)

Hacklebarney Jimmy said...

I am of the opinion, and it may be just that-my opinion, that the female Trico Spinners (lighter body) out perform the male ones (all black). Any opinion on this?

Matt Grobert said...

Jimmy, I've heard that from some guys, and also others that swear the duns work best. I tie a pale olive abdomen with dark brown thorax spinner for the female using snowshoe rabbit foot hair for the wing. I've always done better with the black though. Vinnie fishes the dun, thorax style, and does great, so who knows? It probably boils down to confidence in a pattern as to what works best for each of us. I'll have to fish the lighter bodied one more often...maybe tie that on first next time.

Mr. Q said...

The rain came late...and Mr. Wagner will be hearing from me again soon. I am now the proud owner of a 7' 3wt..built by J.D. himself!!! It was a wedding gift courtesy of Mr. Davey...what a guy!!!!