Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Big Show and other good news!

We'll be at the Fly Fishing Show all weekend doing tying demos, presentations and book signings.  So please stop by my tying table and check the program for my presentation times.  I'll be doing a power point presentation on common hatches, their imitations and techniques on fishing them.  I've changed it up quite a bit from last year, and  will be spending more time talking about techniques and making the most of your time on the water.  As usual, it will cover the full spectrum from January to December. Hope to see you there.  For all the details, times and programs ckick on the link to the right under "Whereabouts".

The good news?  I'm in the process of finishing up my second book, and sure enough my editor called and said they are going to do a second printing of my first book - Fly Fishing New Jersey Trout Streams.  That's exciting for a lot of reasons; it means it sold very well in the first 3 years it has been out, and I get to edit/fix the miscues in the first edition.  The cover will be the same, but the photo in the trout silhouette is going to be changed to a photo by the photographer that is doing the pics for the book I'm working on now - JB McCollum.

Se you at the show!  And if you go, buy a bloody hook sharpener and use it.  I'll be happy to show you how.


Mr. Q said...

Good luck, and for god's sake, sharpen your hooks!

I've watched a hook bounce off a trout's upper jaw too many times....

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