Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pat Cohen aka Super Fly

One of the great things about the fly tying and fly fishing shows is that we get to see and meet some incredible fly tyers and people that we might not otherwise have.  Pat Cohen is one of them.  He is an incredible deer hair fly tyer/artist, who not only can tie the standard bass bugs very well, he also creates birds, fish and other wildlife out of dyed deer body hair and feathers using only thread and a steel hook.

Here is a Ruby-throated Hummingbird he recently tied for me to give to my bride.  Ain't that the tits!  Seriously, it's feathers and various colored deer body hair tied on a hook and clipped to shape.   

To view more of Pat's creations and for information on purchasing them, go to his blog: Super Fly

The Fly Fishing Shows are coming up soon, and Pat will be a several of them demonstrating his talents to anyone that wishes to watch and ask questions.  Stop by his tying table - just look for the guy with the colorful flies and a crowd.


Anonymous said...

How do you say it? AWESOME!!! I believe is the expression....

Daniel said...

That is an amazing fly, thanks for sharing.