Monday, November 14, 2011

Do You Smell Something?

I do, and it's my fishing!  I did get out yesterday for a couple of hours, and managed the skunk.  I did hook one of the bastards, but this time the trout won the battle- popped the fly off like my 5X tippet was really 8X.  Yep, the knot broke.  It happens.

When I left the house I was full of positive anticipation.  The weather seemed to be good and the river called, so we suited up, rigged up, and set foot in the cold, clear water.  And it was cold, very cold in fact, and before long I was wishing I had worn my thermal pants and more than a sweater.  But I fished hard until the cold made my fingers hard as stone, and worthless for the most part.

We all need days like these.  They teach us that the seasons have really changed despite bright sun and calm skies, and wishes for days past.  And so we need to change our clothing choice and fishing tactics. I guess its all part of the experience, and in the end, its all good.

On another note, the homestead is back together as of today with the exception of the metal chimney cover/cap, and the gutter.  This is a good thing, because I was getting tired of hearing the deer laughing in the morning at the state of the house as they drank from the pond.

AND if you are in the area this weekend, be sure to come to the International Fly Tying Symposium at the Double Tree Hotel in Somerset, New Jersey.  Stop by and say hi, I'll be mixed in there with the gang of fellow Jersey boys.

LINK: International Fly Tying Symposium Homepage

Check your knots and sharpen your hooks.


Mr. Q said...

That's not the deer....

The Jersey Angler said...

Hope to see you at the show this weekend!

Lou DiGena said...

Matt I'll see you there, are you going to the dinner?

Dustin's Fly Box said...

I wish I could get to the the show, but that is way far :(