Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fishing with Mr. Q and Mike

Yep, that fog shrouded figure standing just upstream of the Hoffman's Crossing bridge is the infamous Mr. Q.  Somewhere below him, hidden by the fog, is his friend Mike.

It was Sunday evening after a day of warm rain followed by high humidity.  The river remained cool - 62 degrees - and so we had fog, lots of fog that formed a blanket over the cool water.  We also had a rising river the whole time we were fishing, that slowly brought with it cloudy, turbid water.  Needless to say, there were no bugs hatching, and very little fish activity as a result.

And the best part; Mr. Q outfished me!  He managed a wild brown on the swing with his sulphur a LaFontaine sparkle emerger.  I managed to get skunked, as did Mike.

Just another evening on the water with friends........dirty, rotten friends that caught more fish than I did. ; )

Always a pleasure, Mr. Q.


Micah said...

Ah the swinging Sulphur Emerger. Wins every time!

The Infamous Mr.Q said...

Guys, it was a LaFontaine caddis emerger that caught the fish, and Mr. Grobert tied it. I bought it at Shannon's..... I can't make that stinken' bubble right....

Matt Grobert said...

Mr. Q - Correction made......you can tie that fly, you dirty stinkin' rat.