Monday, July 11, 2011

To Fish or Not to Fish

We've hit that time of the year when you head out to fish not knowing if you will actually fish or give the fish a break.   Last night I fished the South Branch with the not so anonymous Mr. Q, and before fishing I checked the water temperature as it had been fairly warm during the day.  The temperature was about 67 degrees according to my stream thermometer, which is right on the cusp of too warm to fish for trout.  Above 68 we stay off the water as it can be lethel to trout if they are stressed at that temperature, and catching them does just that.

There was little bug activity except for an occassional light cahill, yellow sally or caddis, but fish did rise when one would float over their lie, which was rare.  I saw three rises, and managed to catch two browns, both of them on an Iris Caddis.  Not bad and as it was a beautiful evening, cool air and calm, we'll take it for this time of the year.

As for today and likely tomorrow, most New Jersey trout streams are going to be too warm to fish.  There may be some smaller wild trout streams that will be cool enough, but that's about it.

Give the trout a break, and carry a stream thermometer if you are fishing during the summer months. When you get to your destination, check the water temperature before you fish, and if it's over 68 degrees don't fish.  If you have a ways to drive to get to the river of your choice, call the nearest fly shop for stream info and temps so you don't make the long drive only to find out the water is too warm for trout.   

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Mr.Q said...

Mike got his first on a dry fly Monday night in the was a 7" wild brown taken on a parachute sulphur could hear his hoots and hollers all the way to round valley...good times..the water was 68 degrees.....