Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Trout Are On To Us

Vinnie and I hit a stretch of the South Branch we haven't fished this year and did well, but split the species. He caught all browns, and I caught only rainbows, despite fishing within a hundred yards of each other the whole evening and both of us using sulphur imitations.  Probably coincidence, but unusual all the same as wild browns dominate this section of the river. 

And yes, the trout are on to us........why else would they rise sporadically through dusk, and then once the sun exits the landscape and our eyesight with it, do they begin rising all over the place?!

They're setting us up, that's why.

Seriously, they have clandestine meetings behind a big, midstream boulder and every so often they send out a scout to rise in a random foam line once or twice, just to keep us hanging around. If we are lucky, we manage to make a good cast, get a good drift, and hook the bastard when it takes our offering.  That trout damn well knows we are going to release him after we bring him to hand, so it's no big deal; he's taking one for the team, and they all have a big laugh behind the boulder right under our waders.  

Then when it gets dark, they spread out and feed on the multitude of hatching and egg-laying insects drifting on the surface film, all the while knowing we can't see a thing!

I can hear their laughter now..................  


Brk Trt said...

They all seem to go to the same school, and receive degrees in how to frustrate anglers.
Nice rainbow.

Anonymous said...

Nice write up and yes I couldn't agree more,the trout get pretty wise to a fly.

Anonymous said...

That trout has a big underbite!