Friday, September 4, 2009

Are Hunters Stupid? The Unintended Consequences of Wolf Hunting

"Most people don’t hunt, so the perception of hunting and hunters is key to how society will tolerate and support hunting as a legitimate activity. Yet most hunters seem to take the knee jerk attitude that anyone who objects to any form of hunting or kind of hunting, no matter how barbaric, is either a member of PETA, or just doesn’t “understand” Nature. The truth is that many of those objecting to wolf hunting are neither ignorant of ecology nor members of PETA or any other animal rights organization."

I don't hunt, but have no problem with others hunting within the law. I have no interest in any of PETA's agenda, as nothing good comes from extremism under the guise of doing good. That said, I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed in this article. Its' a little long, but full of perspective and good common sense, which seems to elude more and more humans everyday. Give it a read, if nothing else it will be like taking your mind for a walk - those neurons need a good, low stress workout once in while..............

Are Hunters Stupid? The Unintended Consequences of Wolf Hunting | George Wuerthner | Travel & Outdoors | NewWest.Net

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your matter of a fact analysis of things!