Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back From Paradise

Took advantage of having Friday off and hit the links. There's nothing like whacking a little white ball around ridiculously manicured turf, trying to avoid strategically placed little sandy beaches and thick horticulture lining the green carpet, with a couple of good friends.

Or is there?

Yes, there is something better...........

After spending the 4th with friends and family, I took off with a couple of friends to a distant watery, wooded paradise for a few days to fish. Who needs fireworks anyway? Take a look at this place:
And here's one of the denizens of this wonderful, far off slice of heaven:

This brown trout was one of many other salmonoids we caught during this outing. In addition to the browns, there were some very acrobatic rainbows and a few brook trout with colors that only nature can paint with her delicate, rainbow covered palette.

And then today, it was back to reality and even a meeting tonight in good old Jersey City.

When is the next trip? Are we there yet?


micah said...

Wow! Golf is for people who don't fish. Now jsut don't tell your boss that like I did.

So you went to the Whippany River? It's looking good!

Also, caught so many smallies last night that I lost count!!!...somewhere around 50 if I had to guess.

Matt Grobert said...

Once in a while its fun, although I've played fairly often lately because I have many friends that don't fish.........lazy bastards.

Nice, 50 fish! Where'd you go? The Potomac? Any top water action? Good call, the house can wait......