Monday, July 27, 2009

Mercer's GlassTail Yellow Sally

Here's the recipe for the Yellow Sally dry in previous post.

Thread: Yellow
Hook: #10-12 dry fly
Tail/abdomen: One bright orange and 3 or 4 yellow glass beads on clear mono. Thread orange bead first then thread tags ends through each yellow bead. Knot the mono just past the last yellow bead and tie down - the knot will keep mono from slipping.
Body: Yellow dubbing
Underwing: Thin closed cell foam clipped to shape and tinted with yellow permanent marker
Overwing: Dyed yellow elk hair
Hackle: Grizzly or grizzly dyed yellow - the fish don't seem to care.

Have at it. Right now it's a killer in broken water.

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Anonymous said...

very nice cant whait to try it we got a nice spot up here in mass for yellow's thanks Matt I enjoy your work