Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Here's a few things you can do today for Mother Earth to show your appreciation for all she does for us. Pick up some trash, plant a tree, don't drive - walk to work, recycle something, don't flush the toilet, don't turn on the lights for the day, leave the heat off in the house, kiss a wild animal or bug or hug a tree........whatever, just do something you don't normally do, but should do......or maybe always wanted to do but felt it was too weird or hippy-ish.

Ever since I went into New York City way back on the first earth day celebration with my older, hippy sister (I was 12) I always thought that was what the day was - a hippy celebration. It was fun, everyone seemed to be stoned and righteous, their long hair held back in a hankerchief,loose tie-dyed clothes, no bras, sandals and whole earth catalogs under their peace signs everywhere. It was a beautiful day, warm and bright, and the perfect day to celebrate. We heard speeches, good music and saw some great displays and shows in Central Park.

So how come my best memory of the day was when we were walking down 5th Avenue and some clown decided to steal a couple of hot pretzels from a street vendor? Yes, that sticks in my mind. This big, tall, smelly older homeless dude grabbing lunch and the vendor screaming at him practically before he grabbed the goods - as if he knew it was going to happen. The guy gets maybe 20-25 feet and he's tackled by a big-assed, bearded hippy who crushes him against the sidewalk, then picks the guy up, gives him a couple of bucks and literally carries him over the vendor and tells him to, "Pay the dude!"

The vendor takes the cash, the benevolent neanderthal puts him down, and the guy is promptly arrested..................well, sort of..........the cop took one look at the throng of stoners pleading and booing him, and let the guy go to thunderous applause.

Life is Good. Who said stoners never did anything productive?

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