Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cool Evening - Few Bugs and Fewer Trout

Got out tonight for a couple of hours and fished some water I haven't fished in a few years. It was quite cool and breezy, but the sunset was beautiful. The entire time I fished, a woodpecker tapped away, high in a tall maple above me. The chill kept the (good) bugs at bay - saw lots of midges in the air when the air was still, but only a few on the water along with an occasional Hendrickson dun or Grannom. Didn't see any bad bugs - you know, skeeters or biters.

To make a short story shorter, I took two nice rainbows. One on top using a Dorato Hare's Ear, and one subsurface on a Blue Bitch.

Life is Good. Especially when the bitch comes through..............take it easy, its a fly.

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