Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter's Paradox

It's five degrees outside and as I look out the bedroom window eastward, the bright, golden sun appears to struggle up from behind the horizon. Whispy, curling vapor rises in slow motion from the glassy, liquid surface of the pond, back-lit by the frail early morning light. As it rises, it fades as the cold, dry air breathes it in. Along the base of the hill where it meets the flat yard, several deer lie still, heads held high and their eyes half open and drowsy.

Somehow, all this makes me feel warm and full. Not because the climate of the house separates me from what I see and mentally feel, but simply because I am alive to experience and absorb the seasonal flows that nature so wonderfully brings each day, week, month, year.

It amazes me that the pond is free of ice. As though the warmth of the earth from which the water seeping in to the pond gets its heat is balancing out the coldness of the air above - the universe maintaining its balance. Yin-Yang.

Life is good. Feel the cold, breath it deep and be glad you are alive to experience it.

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