Monday, January 26, 2009

Chew On This........

So, as is the norm in this abnormal world, I wasn't going to participate in The Fly Fishing Show this year and it was one of the best in all the years I've been there. Saw lots of friends, old regulars to the shop and met some new ones. Enjoyed some time talking to a couple of the masters of our fine sport, thanks to my being scheduled to be in the author's booth with them...thrilling and humbling at the same time. Here's to you Joe Humphrey's and Dick Talleur - you set the bar high for those of us that you inspire to pass along the "bug".

Here's a photo of some truly passionate trout bums enjoying the show. From L-R - BroadheadsCreek, CaddisChronicles, Hollywood76, OneMoreCast and CatskillLover - photo by ArthurKillSkim. Now, on to that asshole of assholes, Rush Limbaugh. Only a jackass of his proportion would say that he wishes that Obama fails. This guy represents exactly what is wrong with this country -too many selfish, self-important, arrogant, me, me, me, I'm right your wrong, no decorum or respect for others or self, and I'll say it without regard to whether it is devisive or not, because that hole in everyone's head but mine is too dumb to know otherwise........oh, and I'm getting paid the big bucks to make assinine statements on behalf of my network. SHUT UP!

I always wondered whether people like him that feel they have to yell the whole time they are speaking, behave that way because they have so little confidence in what they are saying that is the only way they feel that people will listen to them.

As much as could not stand W, I would have never wished that he failed either publicly or privately, as that is not the kind of thinking that made this country what is is today.

And finally, before one of the celebrities at the show began his presentation, he lamented that he was worried that when he passed away, his wife would sell all of his fly fishing gear for what he told her he paid for it! HA!

Life is good. Especially when you get to see tons of your friends and peers under one roof at the same event.

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