Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Laws of the Real World and Other Assorted Stuff

Laws - Selfishness is popular these days but the one who dies with the most toys is still dead. Diminish selfishness.

Fighting Frogs - The pond is full of frogs, seemingly passive, mind their own business frogs. The fish cetainly mind their own business, but the frogs I'm not so sure about. The other night we were lolly-gagging around the pond, taking pictures and enjoying the evening. All of a sudden we hear splashing and noise going on, and when we looked, two frogs were fighting! Like they were actually pissed off at each other! Biting, and lunging at each other until one got the other in a death grip with its jaws. We had the camera and took a few shots. Here's one.....

Rough stuff, them frogs. After a few minutes the one let go and they went about their way.....separately.

Washing machines - Everyone knows when you buy a new home, at least one major appliance has to have a melt down. Well, it was the washing machine in our case. So, after a little research and coaxing from my son, I went with the LG front-loading model. Sears delivered it yesterday, and this thing is awesome. Exciting stuff, huh? Let's hope the dryer last for a while.

Montana - There's 5 of us going. Rivers are full, but we're ready. Flies are being tied, gear is readied, and I don't care if I fish really. Just getting away after a hectic spring is enough for my soul..............can you imagine ME not fishing? Karen will miss me, I'll miss her, but in a few weeks we'll be married and we'll have the party of the century! One more thing to look forward to.

What else? Montana, is there anything else? Yeah, Italy, France, and of course, Scotchin' in the British Isles after the matrimonials.

Life is good. Buy a washing LG (Life's Good).

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