Friday, July 25, 2008

Marriage, Day Two, and Other Randomness

Where do I start? It was a crazy week. Besides work, we finalized plans for the big day next month.

Huh? What? Although I love to post and write on this thing, I also like to keep some things mostly private, but I will tell you that Karen and I are getting married next month. It's a wonderful thing! Where? Here at the house - ceremony next to the pond, celebration here and anywhere there aren't trees on the property. Lots of family, friends, and folks coming. It's going to be a blast. Caterer is a royal pain in the ass, but he does a great job in the end. Can you say hyper-tension candidate? Anyway, that's all for that.

Have you been listening to the candidates lately? Actually, have you been looking into what they really stand for and what they want to do? I hope so. Do you still think Obama lama ding dong is going to make the sun shine for all Americans? Sure he's a bright, sharp dude that can talk the tarnish off the Titanic, but look behind the curtain so you know what to expect if he gets to the big house. And then there's J.S. McCain, the conservative liberal. Or is that the liberal conservative? Does anyone know? Does he know?

Yup, I'm still very undecided on these two wannabes. Let's see who each of them chooses for a Veep. That will give us a better clue. That, and when one of them realizes that the real powder keg of the world is Pakistan. Truthfully, I don't envy either of these guys having to clean up the mess "W" has made here at home and all around the great big blue ball in the sky.

Oh, and did you hear they are just realizing the Miss Universe pagent is rigged? Yup, they finally realized that all the winners have been from Earth.

I told you this would be randomness.........

Day two of Montana we went over to the Big Hole River. What a river, and it was a beautiful, sun-filled cloudless day. One of the most scenic in Montana in my opinion. We got there late morning and like most other Montana waterways, it was high and its usual tea color. Made for tough wading and fishing.

The only real bugs we saw were Yellow Sallies and a few PMDs. Joe and I worked our way up river from the access, and the other three worked down. I hit a nice long riffle that had a few fish rising in it that turned out to be 6-8" rainbows, all of which took a #14 Yellow Sallie dry. After an hour or so of fighting the current and no signs of larger fish working, we all met up back at the car and had lunch. After that, we headed downstream to another location, but found nothing rising and lots of water, so we bagged it.

We got to the lower Ruby River around 4 or so and split up. What a day from then on. On my first 5 casts, I hooked four browns and landed three of them. All on a brown dip. As I worked my way upstream, I fished the riffles with the dip, and then in the glides and pools I changed over to a PMD transitional dun dry. Over the next 4 hours I covered about two miles of river and caught upwards of thirty fish. All browns, the biggest about 19 inches. The day was hot, about 90, and the bright sun wiped me out. About 8:00PM, I climbed the hill from the river to the road and made the long trek back to where we parked the car. Joe was in one of the cars resting his eyes. The others were still on the river. I grabbed a beer and a water, sat down, and enjoyed a feast of libations and pistachio nuts until dark when the others came ambling down the road. Everyone had a decent day.

Here are the amblers..its 9:30 PM believe it or not!

And sunset on the Ruby.............

Oh, and I scored tickets today to see Ray LaMontagne in NYC this fall! His only show there. You never saw someone who couldn't type, type so fast on the ticketmaster site when they went on sale. By the time I got through, all the orchestra seats were gone......less than 5 minutes!

Life is good. It's even better when you listen to good music.

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