Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Perfect Evening

As I write this I am sitting on the deck, a candle in the hurricane lamp casts a golden glow on my keyboard. The moon, three-quarters full, bright in the southern sky sends silver moonbeams through the random holes in the thick leaves of the canopy above. Classic rock and blues flows out of the Ipod system, and a glass of ice covered with a smidgen of Lagavulin sits on the small round table next to my laptop. The air is calm, warm and dry. A perfect late spring evening.

I would have gone down to the river to stick a few trout on dries, but the bright sun and heat of the day kept the water temps too high for the fish. Instead, we hung out here and watched the hawks, listened to the songbirds and the frogs in the pond, and took in what may have been the nicest evening of the year.

Who the hell wants to go to work tomorrow?

Did you hear what Jose Canseco had to say today about his former attorney suing him for $100's of thousands of $s in unpaid bills? "I'm surrounded by liars and thiefs." Interesting. What's that saying? You are who you associate with? Nuff said.............what a maroon.

Speaking of beautiful evenings, the Tricos are starting to hatch in the early mornings just after sun-up....another wonderful time of the day when the air is still and cool. I may get my ass out of bed in the morning before work and see if I can meet up with a cloud of the tiny mayflies as they gather over the riffles, and the trout that feed on them. Look for a report one of these days.

Life is good. Breath deep, look up at the stars and feel the peace.

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