Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot, hot and hotter!

When a deaf person goes to court, do they still call it a hearing?

Besides being hot as hell out, the weekend was good despite no fishing during the period. The party Friday night for the graduates - Megan and Leigh - was a blast. Good food, friends, music and perfect weather.

Yesterday and today was spent cleaning up and working on the house. Leigh and I got one more room painted and finished today. Now I can set up my fly tying desk and start tying flies for the Montana trip in a month.

In between working, I went outside and watched the hawks (Broad-winged hawks) as they glided on the updrafts created by the heat and tended to their nest up on the ridge. The nest is high up in a big old oak tree that rises from the rocky hillside about 100 yards up the ridge from the house. There's a perfect gap in the canopy that gives me a good view of the nest from the deck with binoculars.

Every so often one of them will manuever low through the trees behind the house like an F-14 fighter jet, looking for an unsuspecting chipmunk. When they do this, the chipmunks start up a loud, high-pitched squeeking I assume to warn each other of the danger flying overhead. The other morning as I sat out on the deck,, one of the big birds flew by with one of the tiny creatures in its talons and headed for the nest. I haven't seen any chicks yet, but I would think soon the pair will shift into high gear having to hunt for more than themselves. Very cool stuff.

Life is good. Keep your eye on the birdie.

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