Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Second Season - Fall Stocking

Here in New Jersey we have what might be called a second trout season that begins with the annual fall stocking of trout in our rivers, streams and lakes. This year, unlike recent low-water years, we are fortunate to have very good water levels, so the fish will have plenty of room to spread out.  All of the fish will be rainbow trout in the 14"-18" range.  Stocking begins on October 9th with rivers and streams getting their allotment that week, followed by lakes and ponds the week of October 15th.  If you prefer the solitude of and rewards of catching wild trout, all of New Jersey's wild trout streams are in good condition and are open to angling year-'round.    

LINK: NJ Fall Trout Stocking Information

I'll post some information on my favorite fall flies in the next couple of days. 

Sharpen your hooks, and get out and fish!

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