Sunday, August 26, 2018

Tying Walter Wiese's GFA Hopper

When we were in Montana and Idaho a few weeks ago, the hoppers were just getting started and now we hear this year has been one of the best in many years.  On the Henry's Fork they were everywhere, jumping and flying in all directions as we walked the grassy banks on the Harriman Ranch in search of heads.   And the fish were on them, big fish, with Paul taking a 23" fat rainbow on a hopper, the biggest fish for any of us on the Henry's Fork this trip.

Here Tim Flagler ties Walter Wiese's (Park's Fly Shop) GFA Hopper.  With all the complicated hopper patterns out there, this one is a effective pattern that Tim as shows can be tied with a minimum of hair loss.  Fish it alone, or add a dropper to the bend to cover more water.

Tie some up and sharpen your hooks!

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Mr. Q said...

How about you post something Gorbert!!! Fall fishing is coming, we need information!!;)