Friday, November 3, 2017

Some Flies We Tied Recently

We've been doing a lot of fly tying lately on the premise that we need to practice for the upcoming International Fly Tying Symposium next weekend in Lancaster, PA.  The truth is we tie flies just about everyday because that's what we do, and one of things that brings us great pleasure when we can't be out on the water casting them to the wily trout on rivers and streams.   After 50 years of tying it doesn't get old and we still try to tie the next fly better than the one we tied before that one.   As you can see, we stink at taking photos, and that's because we're using an iphone and also because we'd rather spend our time tying flies.  

Quill Gordon


Red Quill

Tan X-Caddis

$3 Dip

We threw the dip in here because I've been tying them since they are a very effective fly just about everywhere we fish. I highly recommend it. Learn to tie it here: $3 Serendipity After viewing that video, you would think a little of Tim's photo ability might have rubbed off on me.........

Sharpen your hooks!


EAE said...

The link for the $3 Serendipity seems to go to the fly tying conference rather than the video. Here is a link to a $3 Dip video with Tim & Matt"\:

Anonymous said...

Wow! They're ok..;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tying Matt.
The $3 Dip is a great fly, it really does work all over - I have had success with it over here in England for Trout and Grayling on the rivers and streams in North Yorkshire!