Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tying the SBR Sulphur Nymph

It's one of the best times of the trout fishing season right now with the weather and many hatches being at their peak on most streams here in the East.  One of those hatches is the sulphur, and over the last couple of months Tim has been telling me he has seen lots of sulphur nymphs in his stream samples, as have I.  It's a great hatch, starts with nymphing throughout the day, until the evening when the little, pale blue-winged, yellow bodied mayflies begin to hatch making it time to switch to a dry.  The nymphs are very active in the water column before the hatch, making them very vulnerable to the trout.  Here's is Tim's version of the nymph, which he based on the naturals he sees in his home waters, the South Branch of the Raritan River.  I suspect it will work anywhere in the East sulphurs are found.    

I would suggest tying some of these without the bead, too, for the late day, pre-hatch times when the naturals are ascending to the surface to hatch.

Sharpen your hooks!


Anonymous said...

or just tie a PT soft hackle as it works for all stages of the sulphur hatch...

Jake said...

Nice pattern. After Tim's presentation at our TU meeting last week, I can see how this pattern will catch trout. Tim had great video of sulphur nymphs showing the variegated coloration of the bugs. These materials used in the video do a good job of representing this. I plan on tying up a bunch of these. Great video as always.