Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tying the Klinkhamer - Hans van Klinken

Who better than to show us how to tie his now famous Klinkhamer dry fly than Hans van Klinken?

I know a lot of anglers that love fishing this fly and have made it their "go-to" pattern when all else fails.   It's fairly easy to tie, and can be tied with a variety of materials for the body and wing post. The one key ingredient is the hook and it's unique shape that leaves the abdomen below the water surface, and the thorax in the film below the hackle and wing - a peacock herl thorax, which is a well-known, very effective fly material.  Lots of flies are "invented" every year, and only a very few stand the test of time and gain a world-wide following.

Sharpen your hooks.

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