Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Local Teen Heads to Spain for World Youth Fly Fishing Championship - Leigh Valley Regional News

The lure of the river shapes the life of 18- year-old fly fisherman Doug Freemann.

"More you learn and spend time on the water the more success you can see yourself having," Freemann said of the sport.

Freemann has reeled in so much success that he will be one of five representing the United States in the World Youth Fly Fishing championship held next week in Spain.

Click here to read the whole story and see the video.

Three plus years ago I began fishing with Doug on the spring creeks of the Lehigh Valley after meeting him at one of the Fly Fishing Shows.  He fished often and always with a strong desire to improve and learn as much as he could with each outing.  He was always focused, and with every outing we went on, I fished half the time, and the other half answered (or tried to answer) a multitude of Doug's questions on all things fly fishing. Our discussions were such that often I would forget there was a 40 year age difference between us - he  is a very thoughtful, articulate young man with a passion for fly fishing that rivals mine. 

Shortly after we began fishing together, he started fishing in Youth Fly Fishing competitions, and over time he rose up in the ranks to where last year he fished as an alternate in the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships in Colorado.  And this year, he has made the team and is already in Spain preparing for next week's World Youth Fly Fishing competition!  Click here for the official Spanish website on the event, which is taking place August 8-14, 2016. 

He's a great kid and it pleases me to no end that he has become so accomplished and is representing the USA in the competition.  He's a great ambassador for our sport.

Feel free to wish Doug and the rest of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team luck here in the comments.  He checks in here often and I'm sure he would love to hear from you and will share your commnets with his teammates.

I'll update on the event here as things progress.


Unknown said...

Bring home the oro boys.

Megan said...

Hell yea! Go Doug!

Doug, my Dad talks about you (and your rockstar fishing skills) all of the time. Best of luck out there! Kick some a**! :)

Mr. Q said...

Yes he does speak of you often, and is very excited for you, as I am excited that you are excelling and having great success with your passion....GO GET 'EM....USA USA USA USA..:):):)