Friday, June 10, 2016

Tying the Solomon Hairwing Caddis

I recently sat down in front of Tim's camera to tie Larry Solomon's Hairwing Caddis, which I first learned about from the groundbreaking book, The Caddis and the Angler, written by Solomon and Eric Leiser and published in 1977.  This was the first caddis dry fly pattern that I tied and fished to imitate specific caddis hatches, and it hooked many trout for me in those early years on the Musconetcong River here in New Jersey.  Before that, the closest I got to fishing caddis imitations was the Henryville Special. Here I tie the fly to imitate the ginger caddis that are so abundant throughout North America, but that's only one version of many others you can tie by just changing the body color and hackle along with the hook size to imitate just about any caddis you may come across on your local waters.


Hook: TMC 101 or other dry fly hook, size to match natural
Thread: 6/0 Danville Pale Yellow
Body: Ginger rabbit fur mix
Wing: Light deer body hair
Hackle: Whiting straw or light ginger

Sharpen your hooks!

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