Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcome 2016

So here we are, another 365 day journey around the sun has passed and a new journey has begun.  It's not like anything stopped, we just passed a milestone known as January 1st, and kept on moving on. Did we learn anything during the 2015 journey?  I hope so, after all, what's the point if you remain static from journey to journey.  With a new job and a long drought that gave us historic low flows in our region, we learned a lot both in the office and on the stream. And the best part was spending time with my grandson.  We spent the better part of the holidays down in Hilton Head with the little man and his mom and dad, and had a blast enjoying our family and daily temps in the low 80's. Here's Henley and his mom on a short flight we took to spend the day in Charleston - Henley's dad was at the controls.

And we started off the new year by catching our first trout of the year after we got home.

Sharpen your hooks!

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