Sunday, August 9, 2015

Quill Gordon and a Thank You To C.D. Clarke

Last year I tied a bunch of Ausable Wulffs for C. D. Clarke, a very well-known sporting artist that happens to live near me and whom I run into around town and at the Tewksbury Inn.  When I brought the flies to him, knowing he hunted birds and ducks, I asked if he could swap some woodduck flank feathers in lieu of paying me.  He was glad to oblige, but with our busy schedules I forgot about it, and in reality, I was happy to tie the flies for him with nothing in return but knowing he would fish them with the same passion that I tied them with.  

Fast forward to last week.  I was having dinner at the Tewksbury Inn and C.D. was there having dinner also.  We talked for a minute or two, than them he said he'd be right back.  While he went to his car I got caught up with his constant companion, Tracey Warmus, on their recent Atlantic salmon fishing trip.  In perhaps five minutes time, he came back in carrying a clear bag full of woodduck flank feathers.  For a Catskill fly tyer, this is more valuable than gold and I was and am very grateful for his generosity. Since then, I've been using it to tie some of my favorite dry flies - traditional Catskill dry flies.  Here's a Quill Gordon I tied on top of two of my favorite fly tying things, a Rite Bobbin and 6/0 Olive Danville thread.   
(Click on photo to enlarge)
It's fairly likely that many of you have seen C.D.'s work in one of the many hunting and fishing magazines.  He does beautiful work, and he is a heck of a nice guy, too.  Check out his resume and work by clicking here: C.D. Clarke 

Sharpen your hooks!

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