Sunday, May 17, 2015

Time to Fish Now That School is Over.......For Now

My son Matt graduated from Raritan Valley Community College yesterday with two degrees - computer science and computer programming.  He also was awarded an academic achievement award for having the highest GPA in in his major.  I couldn't be more proud, and even better, he's ready to get back into fly fishing with me after a few years hiatus.  I just got him some new waders and boots, because as you can see, he has grown a few inches since we last fished together, which was when he was in high school. 

Matt already has a good job, and he is planning on returning to college in the fall at night to advance his degrees.  Now all three of my children are college graduates!   We had one heck of a party for him yesterday here at the homestead.

Sharpen your hooks.....we got some rain, so things are looking up.


rollcaster said...

Congrats, Matt.

He's a dead ringer for you a few years ago!


John Montefusco said...

Congrats to your entire clan my friend! What a terrific day and many more to come :-)