Monday, January 26, 2015

The Fly Fishing Show Report

I've been participating in the Fly Fishing Show since the very first year, and this one was one of the best from my perspective.  I was busy from the start on Friday morning right up until closing yesterday afternoon, and did very little walking around to see friends, check out gear and see art work and other fly fishing related displays.  On Friday and Sunday, I gave seminars; one on fishing dry flies and emergers, and the other on Eastern hatches and their imitations.  Both were well attended, which is pretty cool.

The best part is always the people that stop by the tying table to say hi.  Some come to say hi for the first time and ask about tying techniques or patterns.  Others I see only at the shows, we catch up and I get to hear about their fishing over the last 12 months.  I also get see some of my old customers from when I had the fly shop and catch up; many remember my children when they were small and spent time at the shop.  They are amazed that Leigh has a child now, as they all remember her as my little smiling companion who spent most week day mornings at the shop before going to afternoon preschool.  Time does fly!  

And finally, I get to see my friends and fellow fly tyers and fly fisherman.  This includes show participants, and the guys I fish with and hang out with.  Some of them don't even fish; they come to see what the hell I do that is so interesting (to me and our other friends).  Some get it, and some don't, but they all find it fascinating (a few think I'm nuts, but then they see all the others doing the same thing....and still think I'm nuts).  And then there are the boys - Douglas and his friends - Rob, Alex and Bryson - on the US Youth Fly Fishing Team stopped by. It's great to see them and talk about the coming year and what they have planned.  They will be sponsoring a competition or two this spring, attending youth events and clinics, and trying to move up the team ladder.  Good luck, guys!

I want to thank each and every one of of you that stopped by to say hello this weekend.  Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  It seems I learn a heck of a lot from you, too.  And a far as the videos go, I just tie on a bunch of them, Tim does the hard work of editing (and tying on many of them himself), and I will be sure to let him know how much you all appreciate his work.

I'll be at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show next, February 28 and March 1st.  In addition to doing seminars and tying flies, I'll be teaching a tying class on Sunday morning.  Check out the full line up here: 2015 Lancaster, PA Fly Fishing Show
Sharpen your hooks.

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