Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Will This Be Another Ghost Post?

Since the weekend I've written two posts on the Chronicles, and they both mysteriously disappeared without so much as a trace.  Usually, a draft gets saved in the "posts" section of the layout pages, but that didn't happen with these.  It's likely user error, the result of having returned from a great weekend in the Catskills and my having low batteries as a consequence.  Fortunately, the first post was written in Word, so I can resurrect that one tonight.  The other one is a fascinating discourse personal perspective on fly fishing competitions, as witnessed by myself this past weekend on the hallowed waters of the birthplace of American fly fishing - irony notwithstanding.  By the way, Douglas did quite well, placing 10th overall out of 26 anglers, and 1st in the Youth Division.

Here's a few photos. Let's see if they stick this time, and if so, I'll catch up with you all later today.

Friday evening I sat on a big, water smoothed rock watching Doug fish the Beaverkill down below the cabin under a glowing sky.  

Saturday morning all that remained of the dawn's thick fog was the dew revealing the innumerable geometric traps of the spiders living along the Willowemoc.

       (Click photo to enlarge)
Do trout eat spiders?  I'm thinking some new fly patterns need to be developed to imitate the eight-legged variety of a hatch.  BTW - I recently read (can't remember where) that in the U.S. there are an average of 400lbs. of insects per acre.  Chew on that!

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