Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Late Season Cream Cahill Sparkle Dun

I tied a bunch of these up this evening and figured I'd share it with you.   This year we are seeing a good number of the late season Light Cahills known traditionally as Cream Cahills - McCaffertium modestum - hatching sporadically the last hour or two of light.  Then just before dusk you will see the spinners over the riffles and trout taking them aggressively until the light completely leaves the sky.  It won't last much longer, but they are still around and worth tying up and fishing if you are on the river late in the day.


Hook: Standard Dry #14-16
Thread: Danville 6/0 Pale Yellow (Can you believe its not olive!)
Wing: Bleached elk body hair
Body: Cream rabbit - keep it thin and sparse like the naturals
Shuck: Amber Zelon - again keep it sparse

What is nice about the sparkle dun or comparadun is that they are very visible and the wing being splayed will cover you for the spinner as well as the emerging dun.  Fishing them where you see fish rising to them late in the day, and then at dusk, find a good riffle and cast them right into the fray and let your offering drift down through into the transition water where the riffles smooths out.   Trout move well up into the these fast water areas looking for the spinners and the take will be very quick as they must grab the fly before its gone.

Sharpen your hooks.


Unknown said...

Boy, a video on how to tie one of those things sure would be helpful.

Matt Grobert said...

It sure would, let's do it. Fishing with Douglas Sunday, so Saturday is best for me. :)

Mr. Q said...

That is a much better picture...The glare on the other one was unbearable, I had to put on my polarized glasses to look at it..TY!

Unknown said...

Glad to see the open shank between the tye and the eye. Catskill style.