Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Is Sneaking Up On Us

I'll explain the Thin Line post later............

We had a wonderful day on the river with friends, rising fish, and the sounds and smells that signal spring is about to bloom, despite the chill pushing back.  You may remember that after the Fly Tying Symposium, I posted some flies tied by a young fly tyer and fly fisherman named Doug.  When I saw him at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show, I promised I would meet up with him on the water to fish, and today was the day.  He brought along his good friend Ben, who was visiting from Germany for the week, and his mom, who provided support and transportation (and thankfully, extra clothes).  She stayed around to enjoy the day with this bunch of overgrown kids (maybe one) that spent the day standing in a cold stream waving a stick.

It was a typical early spring day where winter just wasn't quite ready to give up its chill.  The thin, gray skies kept the sun at bay, and the air chilly, a slight breeze reminded us continually that we needed to keep our jackets on.  The water was crystal clear, and at a perfect level for early season fishing - my stiff, aching toes told me it was still very cold. But not too cold for the bugs!

Despite plenty of trout rising to a good hatch of blue-winged olives, Doug preferred to fish nymphs, and did well.  The photo above is his first fish of the day, a nice rainbow.  He got a few more after that, all of them on flies he tied himself.  Ben is new to the game, and gave it his all with lots of energy, and a constant smile.  Even a spill at the end of the day that soaked him, didn't change his disposition.

One the best things about being out on the water today, was the sound of the various songbirds all around us urging spring to hurry along.  I could describe it, but the sound on this short video Doug's mom took of Sasquatch today, captures it much better than words ever could.

What could be better than that?  When I was the boys' age, my mom often took me fishing, and a couple of seasoned anglers that fished the same waters shared their knowledge and experience with me.  And today I got to pass it on (honor them), by doing the same for Doug and Ben - truthfully, today the boys didn't need much of my help, they had a grand time on their own.  We will do it again, there's plenty more for each of us to learn.

Tis a gift.    


Mr.Q said...

A class act Matt....did you find the spots?

Matt Grobert said...

Thanks, Q. We did, the fish Doug caught had lots of beautiful spots on them. :)