Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Little Catching......Up

Spent a couple of hours on the river this past Saturday and the trout cooperated again.  It wasn't technical fishing by any means - tied on a big wooley bugger, cast it to within inches of the opposite bank, and then worked it back through the cold depths.  The river was up and a little off-color from Friday's rain, and the day was chilly, gray and windless, but the trout didn't seem to mind.    

Took a bunch of browns and this fat hen brookie.  It was about an even split between black and blue buggers. There were even a few small Little-black caddis in the air and on the water, and one even managed to get slammed by a trout a few inches off the bank.  It never rose again, so I stuck to fishing buggers. 

Looks like that's it for me for a few weeks, as the Fly Fishing Shows start up this weekend.  I'll be in Marlborough, MA this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so if you're in the area stop by.  This one is a little less crazy than the Jersey show,which is the following weekend here in Somerset.  Links to the shows are on the right.   I've put together a new power point presentation for this year's shows, splitting the focus between presentation/reading rise forms and Eastern hatches.  I did the program Monday evening for the Ernie Schwiebert Trout Unlimited Chapter, and it was well received.   The rest of the weekend at the shows I'll be tying flies and telling lies, like the rest of the anglers there.....yep, that Brown was a hundred pounds, at least!

Hope to see you at one of the shows.


Anonymous said...

That is a fat Brookie...well fed...I guess the biomass in the SBR is doing well.....

Matt Grobert said...

I wish the biomass was that good! More like Musky hatchery fatness. On the other hand, the river does have a healthy population of wild browns, brookies and even rainbows.

Anonymous said...


I attended your presentation Friday at the MA show and got a lot out of it, including the pointer to this site!

Thanks.. /marc