Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tying Matt's October Caddis

I know I'm overdue on a report of my recent excursion to Montana, and it will be forthcoming, but when you go away for ten days you pay the piper when you return.   We did manage to do another tying video with Tightline Productions this past Sunday AM, and here it is.   The October caddis is the "Isonychia of caddis hatches" in that it is a large insect that hatches sporadically, and the trout become accustomed to their presence for about two, autumn-colored months of the year. 
Here in the East, the October Caddis primarily hatches at night into very early morning. I'm not sure about out West, but it is an important hatch there as well.  Although it will take trout at anytime of the day, I like to fish it early in the AM along the margins of fast water and bank side pockets.  It prefers faster riffles and pocket water, making an imitation an important pattern on all of our boulder strewn, freestone rivers and streams.     

Hook: #8-12 Standard dry fly
Thread: 6/0 Orange
Tail: None
Body: Mixed rusty orange rabbit and zelon (or antron)
Underwing: Amber zelon
Wing: Orange dyed elk body hair
Thorax: Same as body, touch-dubbed (It should seem somewhat heavy when you dub it, but after a cast or two, the loose fibers fall out, leaving a nice, fuzzy, floating thorax.)

Thanks again to Tim Flagler for the great production!

Sharpen your hooks, and fish a big, juicy fly for a change.


jim444 said...

Thanks again for a great tutorial. Would you please comment on your choosing a "carrot shaped" abdomen over a reverse taper abdomen?

Matt Grobert said...

Jim, I thnk that is just how Tim describes how I dubbed it. In practice, I don't even think about that, I just create an abdomen as I always have, which tends to taper from the rear. I'm more of an impressionistic tyer, as I don't believe a hungry trout gives a darn about the taper, however clear it appears to us. I try to get an overall silhouette. That said, I would taper it to your own liking so you have confidence when you fish it. Matt

Tightline said...

How else would you describe an abdomen that shape and color?. You cwazy wabbit.

kind of a jerk... said...

I saw my first October Caddis fluttering around haplessly yesterday....It did not resemble a carrot....haha.

Matt Grobert said...

WOW, they let anyone in here......

Micah said...

I'll take 2 Doz. Thanks!

Lou DiGena said...

Matt, outstanding pattern, Saturday there where size 16-14 October caddis on the water.