Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tying Matt's Gnat

Since posting a photo of this variation on the Griffith's Gnat, a lot of tyers have asked me how I tie this fly.   So, we sat down at the tying bench with Tightline Productions - Tim and Joan Flagler - and made a video to share this wonderful pattern and how to tie it. It has all the great attributes of the Griffith's Gnat, and its very durable and floats like a cork.   I've taken trout on it here in the East, and out West, including the big rainbows that sip little midges off the surface of the Missouri in the side eddies and channels.  I tie them in sizes #16 down to #24.

Hook: TMC #2488
Thread: 6/0 Danville Claret
Body: Peacock herl and snowshoe rabbit foot fibers

Tie some up and give them a try next time you encounter trout that are sipping the little stuff off the surface film.


Mr. Q said...

I need one of those hackle "pliers" you use...nice fly....where did you get them.

Anonymous said...

Great video and fly!

I'm gonna tie some up.

They look deadly.

TomK said...

Really like the variation in materials and using the dubbing loop for strength