Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Great Autlumn Sedge Soft Hackle

Here is my soft hackle version of the Autumn Sedge we highlighted in our last post.  This fly imitates the emerging pupa quite well.  Fish it dead-drift then lift it when it gets to likely holding water, or fish it on the swing and let the current lift it at the end of the swing as the line tightens.  These are tied on size #10 hooks - the first is tied on a Czech Dohiku hook, and the second is a Dai-Riki dry fly hook.

We tied these using orange 6/0 Danville thread, the body is a mix of equal parts yellow and orange dubbing with a smidgen of brown to mute the bright colors, the rib is doubled and twisted 3/0 brown monocord, and the collar is a brown speckled hen body feather.

(Click on images to enlarge)

This is an easy tie that works well this time of the year, fished any time of the day.  We've been known to fish them with a split shot on the tippet to get them down into the deep holes and runs.  Fish them through the run and don't lift the fly to cast again until the current has brought the fly to the surface.  We get some hard takes on the end of the drift just as the fly ascends to the surface.

Have fun and sharpen your hooks!    


Unknown said...

That's a great fly, and would work on my river wet, or greased up.

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Follow if you get time?

Best wishes.

Mr. Q said...

Matt, a little proof-reading is again, in order. What is a great autlumn sedge? Nice usual!!! When are you going to have time to fish that crick I've been telling you about?

Micah said...

Great shots!

I like to say "Wait for it...wait for it..."

e.m.b. said...

I'm quite obsessed with soft hackle at the moment. I'll give this a tie soon!