Friday, March 18, 2011

A Taste of Spring

Looks like the warm weather the last couple of days has awakened the streamlife around here.  The rivers and streams are receding from the recent heavy rains and snow run-off.  They are clear now, and at normal spring levels - on the high side, so wade carefully and make sure you cinch up the top of your waders to keep the water out if you go for an accidental swim.

The Little-black Stoneflies and Little-brown Stoneflies have been hatching quite well.  Look for the aggressive rises of trout along the margins of the stream as they chase the egg-laying females skittering on the surface to drop those eggs.  So far, from all the reports I have heard, the fish aren't looking up and taking them, but you never know. 

The early seaon Blue-winged Olives, Baetis tricaudatus, have also been hatching fairly well on some streams, and that can only get better as spring approaches.  

Here's a Little-brown Stonefly catching some rays on a streamside stone.  

Photo by John Collins

Get out and fish!  And sharpen those hooks.


Anonymous said...

should I tie imitations on a size 18 hook for this hatch? I believe they are a little more brown than the later this true??

Anonymous said...

sorry for the blue wings?

Matt Grobert said...

Yes, #18 and 20, with a slate gray wing and dark olive brown body. tie them thorax style and also be sure to have emergers to fish in the film. I'll post a photo later or tomorrow.

Matt Grobert said...

Yes, they are that nice slate gray-blue.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Was in the buffalo area this weekend. Saw a good hatch of little black stones along with the larger black stones. Some of the Lake Run browns were wacking them.

Scary yet entertaining.