Monday, December 20, 2010

I Should Show Up More Often....

The other day I was talking to my agent, Mr. Q., who prefers to remain anonymous, and he told me I needed to post on my blog more often.  So I am doing that now, because he leaves for Chicago tomorrow and might not get to read it after today until after the holidays.  And that would surely be a bummer for him, as he frequently likes to bust my balls under his other pseudonym, "Anonymous".

He is right of course, but as much as I love to write, I prefer this to be an exercise in originality rather than like so many other blogs that primarily regurgitate someone elses creation.  That's not to say I haven't spit up a few items written or created by others, I have, but do so sparingly.

I tend to have more to say when I've been spending time on the water, and lately, I've been spending most of my time in Boston.  So I see this twice a week from the train:

And this on Friday afternoon as I return to Gotham: 

But this is what I really would like to see:

So imagine if you will, standing knee deep in this cool, flowing stream under a late afternoon sun on a late September day.  The green leaves dull as Autumn begins to steal their color. The river is low, but the cool, humid air has kept it perfect for blue-winged olives to hatch and ride the surface while small wild brown trout sip every other one in.  Think of it as the ultimate happy hour for both trout and angler.

Sharpen your hooks, you never know when that monster is going to take your fly. 


Anonymous said...

that blur is one of the finest photos you have ever taken!!! Very moderne...If Mr.Q is your agent, what is his percentage? Nice to hear from you again.

Mr. Q said...

merry christmas

Matt Grobert said...

Dear Mr. Q,
Right back at you! And thanks for not busting my balls, although you did manage to get Hunt to do that for you............ :)