Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do People Listen to Themselves? I Think Not....

This one's not fishing, so read no further if you're looking for a hatch, pattern or other fly fishing related facts and/or fiction....  

I commute to Boston via Amtrak Acela on a mostly weekly basis because the drive sucks, and I can get some work done since the train has WIFI, albeit pretty unreliable and slow most trips.  It still beats driving the N.E. corridor.

Here's the deal, early Monday morning I hopped on the train in Newark anticipating the usual 3+ hour train ride in relative peace and quiet. At NY's Penn Station, quite a few people got on, including a 40-ish woman that chose the seats across the aisle from me.  At the time, I didn't even notice her, as I was already working and ignoring the human cattle drive going on around me.

Shortly after we left the station, everything changed.  It was as if the woman had moved in - she had a spread of bags and books, newspapers and food, laptop, magazines, and other assorted clothing and personal things that soon were spilling out onto the aisle.  Picture a college dorm room in a 5 by 3 space complete with older, oblivious female student.

Did she read, or work,or eat or otherwise utilize any of the crap she exploded with?  Nope, she was soon on her cell phone, which she had discreetly placed on speaker phone so as not to strain her delicate ears.

After everyone had heard about her weekend of entertaining and how rude her guests were for not doing the dishes before they left, someone politely asked her to turn off the speaker function.  She did, and soon hung up.

Then she quickly called someone else, rattled on for a bit before turning the speaker back on, telling her listener to be careful what she said as there were a few nosy people around her.  Again, someone asked her to turn off the speaker, which she did, before mentioning how she hated the train as the people that took it were mostly low class and didn't mind their own business.

Then she began talking about the recent elections.............

"Of course, I voted.  Did you?"


"YOU voted for Cuomo?!  I didn't! I wouldn't vote for an Italian, ever......they're all mafia!"


I guess she thinks Paladino is Irish? 

Sharpen those hooks, you never know when you might need them.


Anonymous said...

This is what you need. I have one and use it on the loudmouths on NJT.
I only use it when people have extended conversations or are loud. Then its...."Hello...Hello....Damn Verizon!"
Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Peole don't listen to themselves or anything else that might damage the little personal and imaginary world that they have created for themselves. A little bit more self awareness will go a long way!

Anonymous said...

sounds a bit like fishing in The Ken Lockwood Gorge!!!!!!