Monday, April 12, 2010

A Weekend Spent in the River

Just as predicted, the Hendricksons hatched quite well this past weekend.  Saturday they came of in very good numbers and the fish were taking them.  Caught oodles of trout on Saturday, most of them on my Hendrickson emerger fished subsurface.  When a found a rising fish, I'd take off my split shot, and fish the emerger like a dry - WHAMMO!!!  Make a good cast, manage your drift and the fish would take.  

On Sunday the hatch was not as heavy ( a cold front was moving through), but there were enough Hendricksons on the water to keep the trout active and feeding.   There were also a good number of dark grannoms coming off, so a switch to a brown and bright green LaFontaine sparkle pupa produced quite few fish, including the pig shown below.  

Here's the real McCoy, a female Ephemerella subvaria that decided to rest on my cork rod grip: 

And here's my emerger - sparse, tight and streamlined:

And what would we have without some photos of our quarry?

A wild brown trout:

A larger brown trout:

And a pig holdover rainbow:

Perfect weather, perfect water level, very good hatches and fishing with friends combined for a fine fishing weekend.

Sharpen those hooks!

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Hacklebarney Jim said...

IS the recipe for that Hendrickson emerger in your book Matt?