Monday, April 26, 2010

Kings of Leon - Musicians and Fly Fisherman

Had a very cool weekend as I had the pleasure of guiding some of the members of the band and their family members on a local river.   It was me along with Dan Ansbach, and Lenny, both of whom guide out of Shannon's Fly shop in Califon, NJ.

L-R - Matt - lead guitar, Nathan - Drums, Chad (tall dude) friend, Nacho - Head Band Tech, and Tom - Big dog and father of the bride.

We were fortunate because the weather was perfect, caddis were on the water all day, and the trout were feeding on them. The guys worked hard and so that kept us working hard - not that it was work changing flies, fixing leaders and netting fish.  The tough part was being on the water all day in waders with all your equipment, but no rod and lots of rising fish!  We spent 8 hours on the river, putting them on fish, and eventually, getting them all to catch some beauties before the day was over.  That evening, Karen and I joined them for dinner at the Sterling Hotel.

The top dry fly of the day was my Caribou Caddis, size #16 brown/gray, and the top dropper fly was Lenny's BWO emerger.

It was a great day.  We're all looking forward to hitting the river again next time they are in town.

Sharpen those hooks!


Andy Baird said...

Hey, that's cool Matt. That's quite a gig.

You rock!

I'd love to take Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell fishing :)


bibio said...

hello there,lucky you,i would love to take matt and nathan flyfishing. i am going to see them at old trafford manchester next year in june,been a fan for years.some great top of the water fishing at that time of the year were i fish, Stocks reservior about an hour from manchester.if you see the guys again point them in that direction when they visit next year.tight lines richie