Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fly Fishing, Inner Thoughts and other BS

Where to start.....I'm sitting in front of a warm, glowing fire with my Karen.  We've covered friends,  not so friends, fly fishing and writing about it, music, plans, art and what an important outlet it is, and inner thoughts (Karen's when we started dating).

Let's start with the fly fishing as that's the most important.  I fished on Sunday after teaching back-to-back fly tying classes at Shannon's.  The river was high but clear, and because the season is closed the only game in  town are the special regs areas, so there were too many folks crammed into a confined river section.  Even so, there was enough water for all of us.

The fishing was good, all of it subsurface.  A few fish rose here and there, but not with enough abandon to warrant the use of dry flies.  I managed to hammer a bunch on the usual......a brown and yellow LaFontaine sparkle emerger.  The one shown here... .....

All of them were all brook trout, and somewhat unathletic as far as trout go.

Music - All kinds of stuff, old, new and our favorite blues man, Joe Bonamassa.

Inner thoughts.......forget it, Karen ain't sharing that with me, let alone the few that read my blog....

Peace and sharpen your hooks! 


micah said...

That's a Go-to fly for me when it warms up. Love it. I have about 3 left from the dozens I tied up last spring.

Better get busy!

Anonimouse said...

I like your picture of the fly...cool background

Matt Grobert said...

Yessiree, that is one trout butt kicking fly, ain't it? I fished other flies after catching a few to see if other flies would be as effective...nadda. Changed back to the sparkle emerger, and starting catching fish again.

That background is a wooden bookmark Megan McC gave me. Very cool.