Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Fly Fishing Show......You Can't Please Everybody

It was over a week ago and I'm finally getting to it.  The show was fun, lots of good energy this year. 

It seemed that there were far more fly shops and dealers than in recent years, which was good to see.  A better balance between the shops and destinations.

My three presentations went well....Friday and Saturday were full, and Sunday was well attended, too.  The rest of the time I tied for lots of people and gave many sample flies away.  Saw a ton of friends and met some new ones.  All in all, one of the better shows the last few years.......who knows, maybe things are getting better and this was a sign.  Let's hope so.

I know I said I would write about some guy that shouted at me that I insulted him, and therefore, he was not going to buy my book, but I think I'll just say this:

When you are at these shows doing demonstrations, book signings, and presentations, you have people constantly asking you for this and that, and some unknowingly interupt or otherwise distract you.  You do your best to be polite and courteous to everyone, but I'm sure we unintentionally miss a few.  So it's possible that's what happened with this guy.  I'd rather he calmly asked me about whatever it was that peeved him so I could respond and/or apologize, rather than shout and run.  End of story.  Go fish!

The rest of the show?  Uneventful, but loads of fun.

On another note, I'm going to make an effort to get out and fish this weekend, even if it's only for a short while.          


Anonymous said...

you better wear your snow hat!

Matt Grobert said...

I'll have to get it back from "Man About Town" Dave B.