Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going Back to Go Forward - The Rogue River is Free Again

If you have ever fished the Rogue River in Oregon, you what a beautiful river it is......and yesterday, "The wild and scenic Rogue River has become even wilder with the demolition of a dam that had hindered passage of salmon and steelhead to their spawning grounds for 88 years."

Here's the full story from the NY Times:

One more dam down, plenty more to go.....................


Tom N. said...

They're about to do the same to the Klamath River. Just means you'll have to come visit!

Unknown said...

Hey Matt,
One of the best things that could happen to that river!
I grew up in Medford, a stones throw away from the Rogue, and fished it constantly as a youth. I can't wait to visit home now that They are opening up that river!