Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Museum of Fly Fishing Invites Cheney to Speak

So the story continues.......Dick is going to the party. Here's the scoop via by way of

American Museum of Fly Fishing Invites Cheney to Speak: An Open Letter

Some people think it's no big deal. I think it is. This guy wrecked havoc on the environment and his actions are indefensible. If you think they are defensible, please comment below and be specific. Enlighten me, but first be sure to read the above and the links to other articles on the issue. I would love to hear from anyone that disagrees, just be sure not to make it an us vs. them, Dem vs. Rep, matter because that is the last thing that this is. The museum says it is not a politcal decision, and they are right. Simply put, they are selling out on the traditions of fly fishing for a shot at padding their bank accounts.

Fly fishing has a long, rich history, and like many other pursuits, there is a strong sense of tradition and values. Of those traits, a deep respect for the environment and conservation is at or very near the top of the list. Looking at his record, Dick Cheney lacks even a basic sense of respect for the environment.

Conservationist, my ass!

Life is good. I won't be going hunting with Dick any time soon...........

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