Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just Another Day

I turned 50 yesterday, and as you might know, it was just just like any other day. Got up, did some stuff around the house and then went over to Ians with my chainsaw and helped him cut up a large old ash tree that fell and crushed part of a paddock fence. The horses could have cared less and the dogs thought it was all a game. They think everything is a game, wonderful animals with great dispositions. They almost, ALMOST, make me think I might like a dog of my own............then I realize part of the reason I like them and other peoples dogs is because they don't live with me. Toby and Valerie - the happiest dogs going.

Then my wife had a dinner party here for me. Of course, I made the dinner - spaghetti and meatballs!! Nothing like cooking after working your butt off out in the cold. Actually, I love to cook and Karen just finished her clinical rotation in psyche at the hospital and spent most of the weekend studying for the final. She's only got one more clinical rotation in the spring then she's done! It's all good.

Then we went down to the Inn and met a bunch of friends and the celebration really began. My 80 year old mother came for a bit and provided some of the comedic excitment. Got home late, but sober, and went to bed. Had a blast. Like I said, just like any other day.

Life is good. Age is a state of mind.....................tell my body that.


micah said...

happy Birthday buddy!

If you weren't feeling REALLY OLD yet try this on: I just turned 31!!!

Ok, now how do you feel?

Dan (aka Beaverkill) said...

A little late but Happy Birthday..

Any signs of a midlife crisis??

Been looking at red corvettes, urge to hang at nightclubs, wear silk shirts and leather pants, body piercings...Just checking..